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Being a lover of online shopping, it is strange how resistant I have been to buying glasses or contact lenses online on sites such as Lenskart. So this week I decided to take the plunge: I would buy my Bausch & Lomb monthly disposable Toric contact lenses online on

Buying Contact Lenses Online on Lenskart

Shopping for contact lenses online is something I’m willing to do. The product is standardised; I know my exact power. I know the box of lenses I will be getting is exactly the same as what I would have gotten from my local optician. 

Know Your Power

I have terrible eyesight. I am highly 

myopic and suffer from astigmatism. All this doesn’t really change my life much, aside from adding a “spherical,” “cylindrical,” and “axis” columns to my eye prescription sheet. Nonetheless, I go for an eye checkup (including retina checkup) every year. Hence, I know t

hat my power has been stable for the last couple of years.

If you don’t know your power, Lenskart offers a pretty cool at home eye checkup service called Opto for Rs 50 in all major metros.

However, if you have terrible eyesight like me, I’d recommend getting a thorough checkup at your local ophthalmologist first. They will also be able to accurately tell you the power for your contact lenses (it’s different from you spectacles power).

The Lenskart Experience

I logged onto to buy my contact lenses. Firstly, the homepage was quite confusing from a UI persp

ective. There are 4 navigation menus on the top of the screen, one at the bottom, and some buttons on both the LHS and RHS of the screen!? The product itself is a little messy, a little confusing, a little buggy. They could improve it by hiring some good designers and improving their UI/UX.

Anyway, clicked on “Contact Lenses” and came across a page which had contact lenses sorted by brand, disposability, power, and colour (with 5% and 15% discounts clea
rly labelled). It was quite cool. However, on this page, I did get confused. I knew I wanted Bausch & Lomb Toric lenses. The image for the “High CYL Power” category had the exact image of my contact lenses — so I clicked on it. The inside page had some random other lens, so I had to go back.

I found my lenses under the ‘Bausch & Lomb category — Softlens (Toric). 

Prices on vs Local Opticians

The MRP on the Bausch & Lomb contact lenses is Rs 1540 per box. That becomes Rs 3080 for a pair of 2 boxes (for 6 months). My local optician, after some pleading “oldest customer, kuch to discount dijeye”, would reduce it to around Rs 2700.

On Lenskart – the retail price was already at Rs 2772. After discount, the cost became Rs 2474 without adding any coupon code (just add to cart). It was quite cool.

Entering your prescription / power on Lenskart

When you’ve selected your lenses, and click on ‘Buy Now’, Lenskart prompts you to enter your prescription.

I had a box of my old  lenses, so I found it quite easy to enter all the fields: SPH, CYL, AXIS. There was a BC field which I entered in the optional notes. However, you also have the option of simply taking a photograph of your prescription and uploading it. They also have a converter from eyeglass power to contact lens power. They also have a “How To Read Your Prescription” guide. And an “I don’t know my power, Call me” button. 

All this is really convenient and takes away from the fear of ordering the wrong lenses online!

Lenskart Delivery Time

After payment, I got a shock saying that my particular lenses would take 15-17 business days. That seemed exceptionally, horribly long. I felt a little angry, wondering why they hadn’t informed me earlier, so that I could have ordered from my local optician instead. (I need the contacts urgently).

Much to my surprise (and slightly jaded delight), the lenses were delivered in delivered in 3 days. Shopping on Lenskart was a great experience overall. With all the options and filters, it gives users looking to buy sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses a whole range that are unavailable on general online shops such as Myntra. 

Why I want to shop online for glasses or spectacles

I have a few reasons, some of them quite personal, some of them may strike a chord with a greater audience.

  1. I’ve been going to the same optician for the past 20 years, since I was 9 years old. I get great service, great discounts, home delivery.
  2. Aside from looks, some spectacles just feel more comfortable than others. The width, the fit, everything matters. Seeing picture of a pair of spectacles and measuring my face isn’t going to give me the reassurance
  3. Lenskart has a measuring thingy on their website, which takes a photograph of your face using a credit card or something. That’s too much effort for me!
  4. They also have 3D Virtual Try On page on their website. 

Lenskart Coupons & Offers

Lenskart is trying very hard to get customers like me to take the plunge online. Currently, for new customers they have a ‘Lenskart First Frame Free Offer’ — if you sign up, you get the frames free. You only have to pay for the lenses. You can browse from a lot of frames here (, each frame worth approximately Rs 1299. The lenses cost anywhere from Rs 545 to Rs 2500+, depending on the quality of the lenses, the thinness, etc. It’s a good deal.

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