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In this article I talk about my fifth request in , the store that sells glasses straight from the outside with great prices. These were the two items I ordered:


  • Prescription glasses with lens 1.67 Super Thin (G4u Y3229 Rectangle 124477-c Eyeglasses)
  • Sunglasses with Degree, Black Dark Lens (G4u T3022 Rectangle Eyeglasses 124765-c)

Total cost of only $ 79,41 (R$ 283,44), including freight, What is much less than I would pay for eyeglasses similar in any optics in Brazil.


Something that I’ve learned about eyewear with acrylic lenses is that lenses inevitably will be yellow after a few years. And that goes for any brand of lens, including the most famous and expensive. Then buy a new glasses after few years ends up being inevitable, still keep the same revenue.

I was with my glasses Goggles4U acquired in 2016, and I thought it was time to buy new glasses. My last prescription was 2012. So I made so consultation with an ophthalmologist to see if my eyes had changed in those 6 years.

Choice of glasses on Goggles4U

With the new prescription on hand, It was time to choose the frames and lenses in Goggles4U. In this section I will talk in more detail about each of the two pairs of glasses I picked.

Eyeglasses with transparent Lens 1.67

For the main goggles, This time I opted not to make photochromic lenses. Instead I chose to invest in a high index lens (1.67), to let the thinner lenses and fully transparent. Not that I don’t like photochromic lenses. They are good to use during the day, in open places. But the impression is that they are never 100% transparent, even indoors. High index lenses 1.67 comes with anti-glare, UV filter, and anti-scratch.

To the frame of the main goggles, I chose the G4u Y3229 Rectangle 124477-c Eyeglasses, that is lightweight and unobtrusive, nylon yarn (halfrim). I know they are out of fashion and that end up highlighting thick lenses for not having the sleeve around. But is the model that I like. Also this time I opted for a Setup with larger lenses, increasing the field of view. This is another reason why I chose the high-index lenses (1.67) because, in the case of myopia, the larger the lens, thicker is the edge.

Here are the characteristics of the frame:

SKU: 124477-c
Frame Width: 150 mm
Eye Height: 34 mm
Eye Width: 55 mm
Nose Bridge: 17 mm
Temple Size: 140 mm
Size: X-Large (> 140 mm)
Available Lens Type: Distance, Reading, Bifocal, Progressive
Frame Shape: Rectangle
Material: Metal

There were two color options: black and gray. Opted for the gray. Both colors are still available. It costs $ 19,95 and the lens 1.67 super thin come out for $ 47,95. Total of $ 67,90, that was for $ 47,53 with the coupon 30% off.

Sunglasses with Degree with lens 1.57 CR39

To the frame of the sunglasses I o   pted for a setup of TR-100, a G4u T3022 Rectangle Eyeglasses 124765-c. Unfortunately she is not available and disappeared from the site, so I couldn’t get other information at the time of writing the article. There were some color options and opted for bright black, I found more compatible with a sunglasses. In this case it is a frame with complete edges (fullrim).

I chose the black lenses on dark intensity. The colored lenses of the shop are all 1.57 CR39. I opted for the version with anti reflection, anti-scratch and UV filter.

The sunglasses left for only $ 29,85, being $ 19,95 by frame, US$ 4,95 through the lens 1.57 CR39 black, e US$ 4,95 anti reflection protectors, anti-scratch and UV filter. With the discount 30% was $ 20,89.


The purchase was made in 19/04/2018 and on day 11/05/2018 the glasses arrived, in two separate packages, which is perhaps a strategy of Goggles4U to avoid taxation. We just 15 calendar days from sending to the arrival, including the passage by the United States, What is pretty quick considering how bad the post office usually. The freight cost only $ 11,95. Is pretty cheap for a USPS First Class, It costs more than that in most other stores. It’s still cheap considering it was two separate packages.





In the past, Goggles4u was well-known for flexibility in their customer service, being quick to send replacement parts without hassle if somebody had a problem. I haven’t had enough recent reader-input to ascertain whether or not this still holds true, but complaint levels have remained extremely low regardless, and maintaining their BBB status leads me to believe that customer service is still strong.

Goggles4u has abandoned their previous model where near every pair of standard single-vision glasses came out to $30 with free coatings and shipping. Instead, frames are now offered at various price-points (primarily at $4.95), with lenses starting at $6.94, and shipping being extra.

Personally, I preferred the “old” pricing method, as a standard $30-gets-you-everything was not only something that made Goggles4u unique, but was also very simple and straightforward for customers. There’s something to be said for knowing *exactly* how much glasses will cost right from the get-go. That said, the new effective prices come out even cheaper than before. I understand where Goggles4u may have been coming from when they made the change. Different price-points offer them more flexibility in terms of frame selection, and advertising frames for “$4.95” looks more attractive than advertising complete glasses for $29.99, particularly when most of the competition is advertising for under $10 (despite generally coming out to much more than that once lenses, coatings & shipping are added).

That said, Goggles4u still offers free coatings with most lenses, and their shipping is a very reasonable $4.95 within the US. They’re also very clear and up-front with a chart in their “Pricing” page, giving all the checkout-prices you would expect for every lens based on a $4.95 frame.

Just about all of their discount frames are the same price at $4.95, though periodically the prices are discounted even further.

Lenses start at $6.94. They have a quick price chart on their site that may help people to compare the cost based on the lens type they’re after (click on the “Help Center” section on their site and visit the “Lowest Prices Online” area). Last I checked, there were a few small inconsistencies, but it’s generally close and gives you a good baseline idea as to what price you’re in for. Single-vision lenses are offered in indexes from 1.57 to 1.71 with plastic, glass, or polycarbonate lenses depending on the index. Bifocals and progressives are offered as well, also starting at 1.57 and capping at 1.67. All-in-all, there’s a very adequate lens selection offered.

Website and Ordering:

The Goggles4u website is clean and quite easy to navigate, although a “chat” window tends to pop up which annoyingly floats across the screen (you must mouse-over it to stop the floating and then close it if you’re not interested in chatting with them).

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t mouse over pop-ups during the order process. So if somebody is not sure how to read their prescription, how to take a PD measurement, etc., this is the point where they’ll probably start to feel a little anxious (and by now they’ve probably managed to close the floating chat window!). Info is provided in their “Help Center”, but unless the shopper had the forethought to read it beforehand, I question how many people will be willing to browse away from the frames they finally liked/chose to head over to that section. This won’t be an issue for veteran buyers, mind you.

One excellent decision they’ve made is to put the coupon code entry & shipping estimator in the cart *before* the checkout. I wish every retailer would do this – as a customer I hate it when I have to start entering my billing information before I know for certain how much shipping will be or whether my coupon code will be accepted. Goggles4u has this all up-front, the way it should be.





Final Considerations


This was my fifth request with the Goggles4U. I even quote prices with local optical, but there’s no way, they can’t compete on prices with the Goggles4U. Furthermore, I really liked the way that they acted to solve the problem of prescribing. I’m sure I will continue buying with them.

When I started buying on Goggles4U in 2012, There was more variety of frames and lenses. From then on they stopped working with Designer frames and more sophisticated lenses. But the basic frames, the own brand of them, and essential lenses are still all there and it is still possible to find something you like.

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